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 Blog From A Dog

By Arnie


I’m Arnie and well my Mom say I need to swim……SWIM…SWIM…you actually mean get wet? I don’t think so I’m a Bullmastiff and we don’t swim! So mom got this lovely lady called Laverne to chat to me and she explained that swimming would be very good for me and help my elbows and my spine….so I said I would try.

Oh look there is Jess……wait…wait a moment those aren’t her usual clothes she’s in a wet suit…maybe she is coming to fetch Chamois (that is my sister). No…no she isn’t she is calling me and because I am such a good boy ( we all know I am just the best brindle Bullmastiff in the world) I follow her to the Hydro.

Jess puts on my life jacket so I don’t sink….because that is a really big possibility because Bullmastiffs don’t swim. But wait a moment what do I smell …sweeties…I smell sweeties …oh well I guess I will try after all….but just for the sweeties.

Up up up the ramp we go and slide into the water, it is not too bad I suppose….ooooo sweeties, I musn’t be too eager lets see how many Jess will give me if I pretend I don’t want to go in…2….3 hmmmm 3 sweeties it is. Hang on this swimming is not too bad better not let on though I’ll get less sweeties.

Jess gives me breaks between lengths maybe I can sit on her and then she won’t be able to make me swim……buuut then there will be no sweeties so I’ll carry on trying and any way I love Jess too

Swimming is over and now I get a nice rinse with warm water i’m not too smelly so I won’t be bathed and ….sweeties. Luckily the sun is shining today I will go and lie in the sun & dry off.

Yawn time to nap bye for now

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