As a team of dedicated veterinary health care professionals we are committed to creating quality of life for all animal companions.


We achieve this through physical rehabilitation, pain management, education and community support.

Individual Solutions

We use integrative healing methods to find unsurpassed individual solutions best suited for you and your animal companions.

Animal Health & Hydro ™

Owned and run by qualified veterinarian Dr Tanya Grantham, we have three branches, one located on the East Rand,  one in Little Falls on the West Rand and the other in Pretoria East. All our veterinarians are registered with the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) and all our Veterinary Therapists are either registered or authorised by SAVC. We specialise in the Physical Rehabilitation of dogs, cats and now horses. Our small animal services include Canine Hydrotherapy, Feline Hydrotherapy, Veterinary Acupuncture, Light Therapy, Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, Massage and many other options. Our equine services include veterinary acupuncture, sports massage and body work, as well as post op/injury rehabilitation among others.


All the water we use in the underwater treadmill is recycled and filtered in the same way our pool water is cleansed. Our facility is also solar powered. Although we do not have batteries to store the power, the entire building (pumps, air conditioners, lighting and technology) runs off solar power when the sun shines. Which is most of the time in SA!


Our core business is to make your pets feel better. We do this by providing individualized solutions for small animal companions (cats and dogs) and horses needing physical rehabilitation and/or pain management beyond allopathic medication and conventional Veterinary interventions.

In addition to the physical rehabilitation of animals we also help you with the fitness and conditioning of your canine and equine athletes. We can help you and your sporty companion to gain a greater advantage over the competition.


  • We are a visionary team of dedicated veterinary health care professionals. We openly explore all opportunities in our world of healing.
  • We source, investigate, test and implement unsurpassed world class integrative therapeutic solutions best suited to all companions, partners and strategic allies.
  • We are committed to quality of life for all companions. We achieve this through physical rehabilitation, pain management, education and community support.


Animal Health and Hydro started in 2009 as a result of an interest in investigating integrative therapies to support physically challenged and debilitated animal companions. Over the last eight years, this has grown into an amazing opportunity to serve our human clients, their animal companions, our colleagues and the greater community.

Our team provides Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation treatments to patients in the Gauteng region. With our new Mobile Equine unit, are able to travel to our equine clients throughout Gauteng.

We are registered with the South African Veterinary Council and are owned and managed by Veterinarian Dr Tanya Grantham BSc(Hons); BVSc; Certificate of Safety and Competence in Veterinary Acupuncture (CertSCVA UK);  CVA Certificate Veterinary Acupuncture from Chi Institute, Florida, USA; Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP Univ.of Tennessee); Caninology Canine Body Worker (CCBW USA).


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Pro bono Work

Dr Tanya undertakes physical rehabilitation for Husky Rescue SA and Pug Rescue SA, as well as primary veterinary health care in disadvantaged communities under the auspices of the Thanda Inja project


Our practice hosts final year Veterinary Science and Physical Rehabilitation Students, enabling them to meet their academic qualification requirements. We also teach and train qualified professionals in the field to cover their Continuing Professional Development requirements.


We make information and literature available (blogs, pamphlets, articles) to improve awareness. Our primary focus is the quality of life of our animal companions. We recognise that improving quality of life of companions profoundly affects the emotional well-being of their guardians. This ripple effect is the essence of our work and underlies all that we do.

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