Why Working Together Is The Only Way Forward

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By Bianca Rootman

Have you ever attended a session at Animal Health and Hydro and secretly wondered why there is even a therapist or vet in the room with you? You thought you could easily be doing this by yourself, it all looks so easy and like your companion is barely even working? Then please read further!

The key to getting the most out of your appointment at Animal Health and Hydro, whether it be with one of our therapists or vets, is to work together with us. Although we are highly qualified in our relative fields, nobody knows your companion quite as you do. By advising us on your companion’s likes and dislikes, sensitive spots/areas, favourite toy/snack, and also purely by knowing their body language and facial expressions, you are able to assist us to get the best possible results out of each session. We too are trained in canine behaviour and handling, but with your input, we can quickly develop a positive relationship with your companion, thereby developing trust and a positive association with AHAH.

When it comes to the actual therapy side of the sessions, it’s best you leave that one up to us. Although it may sometimes seem like your companion is barely working or you feel like he/she could easily have done another set, we are trained to see the subtle signs of fatigue and compensation. These subtle signs are our warning signs that your companion is starting to tire, and if we were to push for too much more, we could end up doing damage. We appreciate your feedback on how far your companion is able to walk every day or how many laps he/she can do at home in the pool, but please keep in mind that our equipment and machinery, especially the underwater treadmill, is unlike any other exercise technique out there, you cannot replicate it. So please trust us when we say your companion is tired and it’s time to end the session. Rehabilitation is a slow, gradual build-up in strength and stamina, we push a little more each week, whilst doing our very best to make sure we only get positive results. We know what we are doing and what areas we are targeting, let us be the judges of how much or how little your companion should do each session.

So, when we combine your knowledge of your companion’s personality, along with our practical knowledge, we end up with a session that not only achieves the physical goal but the mental one too. So, while we do our utmost best to take in all the information you provide us with, please do the same when it comes to our feedback and advice. Our end goals are the same, we all want the best possible outcome for your companion, so let’s work together, in harmony, to reach that goal!