Fitness training in very underutilized in dog sports. There are many different types of dog sports, IGP (bite work, tracking and obedience), agility, flyball, field trials, conformation,  We train our dog to have the skills he needs in order to compete in our chosen sport but we rarely train the skill and muscle strength to help cope with the strain and recovery of the sport, let alone increasing his efficiency.

Fitness training is all about the whole body, conditioning the athlete. Providing your dog with a balanced program that enhances his strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and mental wellbeing. Strength training is important to increase the strength of your dog's muscles. Jumping and landing are power activities. If your dog is not strong enough ineffective jumps and lands could create injuries. Improved flexibility will help your

Watch this video to learn more about the components of a fitness program in dogs.

Watch this video to learn how we assess your dog and structure a fitness and conditioning program tailored to his / her needs. 

dog take faster, tighter turns. Cardiovascular fitness will help with overall performance. Metal welling is a very over-looked aspect of dog fitness training. If we only do the same things over and over again to perfect one aspect of the sport then our dogs will become bored. This can lead to a lack of drive and enthusiasm when we ask our dogs to compete. When was the last time you warmed up and cooled down your dog down properly. Just 5 to 10 minutes of active stretching can enhance your dogs performance. You've planned to go for a run: watch ready, water bottled filled what's the one thing you will do before you would consider hitting the road..... stretch of course! So why don't we give our dogs the same consideration? We are asking our dogs to work cold, tight muscles and then we are surprised when injuries occur.

Fitness training works with different intensities and the different life stages of your dog. Puppy programmes are built to help create a happy, balanced and confident puppy without overloading the young body while it is developing. Programs for competition dogs (or weekend warriors) enable them to increase their fitness and prevent injuries.Keeping the specific needs of an aging body in mind, our senior program allows your retired companion to keep mobile and stronger for much longer.

Cross training or fitness training helps keep your dog more in balance, increasing body awareness, increasing strength and improving flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Although fitness training can be very fun and energetic it needs to be done in a controlled manner and under supervision of a qualified professional. Following the guidance of a professional will help improve overall care of your sports companion, pick up potential injuries and weaknesses and ensure your companion is put on the correct, age-appropriate, sport-appropriate program. It's all about looking after the dog as a whole and bonus improving the strength and efficiency of our dog in his chosen sport.