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I am Chamios the original plot poodle.

I may be small but I can make my big brother jump with just one bark…..heehee.

Dee has opened the gate for us ( I didn’t have to crawl through the bottom to get out) Yipee we get to go to the office with her & Jessica.

I smell liver bread….I love liver bread…but the smell of liver bread at the office is never good. At the office they have the cavalettis, the bosu, the laser and physio peanuts…I don’t like it but I do know it is good for me but maybe if I am difficult and I shiver and shake they may stop trying to exercise me….nope that didn’t work either.

Oh thank goodness they have stopped, I can go back to the garden where no one is trying to pick me up or exercise me or stand on me or laser me.

Shen there is Shen, she is my new sister of the cat variety. We play together sometimes, she likes to swat my tail, I don’t like that she makes me jump, the best is when we sleep together under the tree.

All this exercise has made me sleepy…time to curl under the tree with Shen.

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