The Pug

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Otherwise known to many as a roly-poly bundle of love.

The pug is a breed that has been around for centuries and was then as it is now a lapdog.

Modern pugs are flat-nosed, big bug-eyed, “floofy” and lovable rolls of wrinkles but they did not always look like this. They had longer legs as well as snouts and were, believe it or not, royalty. Besides the shorter little legs and flattered faces not much has changed in terms of them still being royalty to every person that welcomes a pug into their homes. Pugs were known to be fiercely loyal and, although not considered very smart, knew exactly when they needed to rescue their owners. An incredible example of this is when a Pug reportedly saved Prince William of Orange by waking him up when assassins came for him in his sleep.

We all love pugs, we love their quirks and their personalities but pugs are not for the everyday owner and surely not for the faint-hearted. Although it will bring a wealth of love and laughs into your home, a pug is a rather large responsibility. The extensive selective breeding that they have gone through has, besides a trademark adorable wrinkly face, left them with genetic health problems that may cause a lot of stress for both the pup and their owner. If you have always wanted a sweet little sausage roll of a dog and just must have one then please do your research before or there may be an innocent little one left very disappointed after you decide it is too difficult for you. Some of the problems you may face include Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Elongated Palate, Respiratory Issues and Obesity. Pugs also need a lot of attention as they are extremely affectionate animals and do not do well if they are left alone for extended periods. So if you are getting one why not make it an even two. Pugs if trained right exhibit a wonderful tender nature towards most other animals such as cats and birds and are wonderful family members as they love children. 

Due to their risk of obesity pugs need a lot of exercise, which will come in handy on those days you really just don’t want to go to the gym. They shed a lot but (luckily) are easy to groom so this should not become a problem as long as you brush their hair as often as you would your own. If you are looking for a speed racer of a dog or want a gold medal athlete you need to look no further –  than a different breed. Pugs do need exercise but that does not mean they will go down without a fight when it comes to a long jog. They are dogs that enjoy the finer things in life like a yummy treat, tummy tickles and above all a good warm cuddle. They mostly enjoy sleeping but do not take them to be complete lazy-dazy pups, they can also at times be complete playful goofballs that bring many laughs. If you are looking for a best friend and life long companion that will give you their all no matter what then go for a pug, yes they come with health issues and expenses but for the right loving owner they are worth all of it. Especially when you look into their loving big bug-eyes and see those goofy lopsided grins.

If this all sounds like just your cup of tea, look at giving a home to one of the many amazingly sweet pugs at Pug Rescue South Africa. I’ve met most of them and they are wriggling in anticipation to give all their love to some amazing parents.