Dr Tanya Grantham

Tanya is our leader and visionary. A qualified Veterinarian (Bsc (Hons), BVSc), with over 20 years experience in Private Veterinary Practice, she is passionate about making a difference in the lives of physically compromised animal companions. She is a member of the Complementary Veterinary Medicine Group where she is registered as an acupuncturist and veterinary rehabilitation practitioner. Over the last 11 years, she has been a pioneer in her field, taking every opportunity to gain more knowledge and acquire more skills. She is a generous and supportive teacher and loves to share her knowledge to human guardians and other veterinarian professionals alike.

Profile picture therapist Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans

Jessica is our Physical Rehabilitation Therapist. She guides your companion through his or her physical therapy treatments with compassion and professionalism.

Jessica also oversees a number of admin tasks, keeping a watchful eye on the diary, equipment and facilities, ensuring they are in tip top shape to serve our patients.

She has experience interacting with and managing dogs that way outweighs her years. She has been active in the National Breed Showing arena for over ten years, and has been a valuable part of our team since 2013.

Profile Picture therapist Bianca Rootman

Bianca Rootman

Born in the year of the Horse, Bianca has always been a devoted animal lover. She knew when she left school that she would definitely be going into a career with animals. Initially she focused in the Equine field where she was introduced to the concept of equine physical rehabilitation and holistic therapies.  She opened her own business, Equi-Hands, in 2014 and started working with sport horses.  

In 2015 she was introduced to the field of Canine Rehabilitation where met the Animal Health and Hydro Team. And the rest is history.

Bianca joined the Team in 2016 and brings a quiet and gentle touch to even our most boisterous of patients. She is registered to attend the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) Course in December 2017.

Profile picture Delia Malinick Administrator

Delia Mallinick

Delia is our administrator and Dr Tanya’s personal assistant. She helps us to help you – by keeping our office running. She brings humour and enthusiasm to our team. She is also the master chef behind our many workshop functions, keeping our brains going and energy levels high with delicious treats.

She has a lifelong experience with animals, and horses in particular. Before she joined us she staffed the reception at a few busy local vets, acting as a valuable interface between the public and the vets.

Profile picture Kim Magennis Administrator

Kim Magennis

Whether is comes to numbers or words, Kim is our gal. She helps Tanya and the rest of her Team get themselves heard, and organised – not necessarily in that order. As a part-timer she brings an outside perspective and commercial guidance to our business.

She is a fervent believer in helping others, and what better way than to serve those who serve human guardians and their animal companions.

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