Do you have an Animal Companion who is ailing, ageing or injured?

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your canine or feline companion?

  • Has your animal companion undergone surgery? Or is surgery looming on the horizon?
  • Is your animal companion suffering from a recurring work/sports related injury?
  • Is your animal companion suffering from paralysis or limited range of motion?
  • Is your animal companion obese? Have diabetes? Unfit? Have a heart or joint condition?
  • Is your animal companion ageing and battling to get around?
  • Has your animal companion received a terminal diagnosis?
Animal physical therapy can offer a
number of non-traditional medical
interventions to help you rebuild
the quality of life your animal
companion deserves.

As a team of dedicated veterinary health care professionals we are committed to creating quality of life for all animal companions.

We achieve this through physical rehabilitation, pain management, education and community support.

We use integrative healing methods to find unsurpassed individual solutions best suited for you and your animal companions.

Established in 2009 Animal Health Solutions is registered with the South African Veterinary Council and is owned and managed by Veterinarian Dr Tanya Grantham (BSc(Hons); BVSc; Certificate of Safety and Competence in Veterinary Acupuncture CertSCVA UK; Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner CCRP Univ.of Tennessee).

We are able to offer your animal companion an individualised treatment program using a combination of the modalities we offer at our facilities:

• Acupuncture: for the relief of chronic pain (especially when associated with Osteoarthritis or degenerative neural conditions), post surgical healing, epilepsy
• Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy): to improve range of motion through pain management and reduction of inflammation;
• Thermotherapy (Heat Therapy): to accelerate healing and manage muscle spasms
• Therapeutic Exercise - using natural movements to build muscle and retain joint mobility.
• Electrical Therapy: to manage pain and build post operative muscle mass;
• Gold Bead Implants - in patients with chronic disease which respond well to acupuncture
• Hydrotherapy: for post surgical recovery, management of pain, joint mobility, regaining of muscle mass post operative/injury;
• Light Therapy: for pain relief and post surgery wound healing;
• Reiki: to promote recovery and hold a healing space for your animal companion, to ease the transition between life and death.

Some of the many conditions we treat include:

• angular limb deformity;
• cranial cruciate ligament disease;
• degenerative myelopathy;
• patellar luxation (dislocation)
• dysplasia of the elbows and hip;
• epilepsy;
• intervertebral disc disease / spinal compression including post-surgical recovery
• osteoarthritis;

Our Facilities

AHS has an indoor, heated pool. The temperature varies from 26°c - 30°c depending on the season. We are also proud to offer a specially designed under water treadmill. We use various other types of equipment in the treatment of our patients including a Photizo light unit, a dry treadmill, various gym balls, balance equipment, and many more.

What our clients say about us

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful treatment my Rottweiler Bandit has received from Animal Health and Hydro. ~ Sharon ~

I would like to thank you, so much for all the compassion you showed Zeus and myself. He did enjoy his time with you and like I mentioned on the phone, there was most certainly a calming energy that helped facilitate in his recovery. Even after one treatment with you, he showed an Incredible improvement. ~ Katia ~

I must say, Bandit was never treated as anything but a very special patient. Every week we go to Tanya, and we get treated like royalty, for … acupuncture and Hydro treadmill. ~ Sharon ~

This is an amazing team of ladies who care deeply for every one of their patients and we would recommend them to anyone with a sick or injured animal requiring rehabilitation. ~ Geoff & Megan ~

AHAH provides an exceptional level of care to their patients and families and it is this level of caring that makes the journey so special to everyone. ~ Geoff & Megan ~

We cannot thank the team enough and wouldn’t take any of our beloved dogs anywhere else! ~ Geoff & Megan ~



Our Team

Bsc(Hons) (University of Pretoria)
BVSc (University of Pretoria)
CertSCVA Certificate of Safety and Competence in Vetetinary Acupuncture (Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists, UK)
CCRP Canjne Rehabilitation Practitioner (University Of Tennessee)
CCBW 2016 (Caninology Canine Body Worker USA)

Tanya Grantham

Tanya is our leader and visionary. A qualified Veterinarian (Bsc (Hons), BVSc), with over 20 years experience in Private Veterinary Practice, she is passionate about making a difference in the lives of physically compromised animal companions.

She is a member of the Complementary Veterinary Medicine Group where she is registered as an acupuncturist and veterinary rehabilitation practitioner.

Over the last 11 years, she has been a pioneer in her field, taking every opportunity to gain more knowledge and acquire more skills.

She is a generous and supportive teacher and loves to share her knowledge to human guardians and other veterinarian professionals alike.


BVSc Bachelor of Veterinary Science
CCRP Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (University of Tennessee)

Dr Tamsin Price

Tamsin is a classically trained veterinarian who qualified from Onderstepoort in 2011. She furthered her studies in canine rehabilitation through the University of Tennessee obtaining her CCRP diploma.

Tamsin is a passionate new age veterinarian and rehabilitation specialist who loves what she does, treating her patients with dedication and compassion. She brings a uniquely energetic and enthusiastic dimension to our team, allowing us to explore new ways of reaching our patients and their companions. Tamsin wishes to explore all aspects of animal health care, broadening horizons and informing colleagues of the extraordinary value of this specialized veterinary field.

Everyday brings opportunities to help, heal and soothe patients in need and speak for those who cannot always be heard.


National Child Handler 2005 (Kennel Union of South Africa KUSA)
Reserve National Adult Handler 2015 (Kennel Union of South Africa KUSA)
CCRP October 2015 Canjne Rehabilitation Practitioner (University Of Tennessee)
CCBW 2016 (Caninology Canine Body Worker USA)
Reiki Master 2016

Jessica Evans

Jessica is our Physical Rehabilitation Therapist. She guides your companion through his or her physical therapy treatments with compassion and professionalism.

She has experience interacting with and managing dogs that way outweighs her years. She has been active in the National Breed Showing arena for over ten years, and has been a valuable part of our team since 2013.


Reiki Master 2003
Equine Massage Therapist
Chef Extraordinaire
Retired Assistant Race Horse Trainer (with George Mazaham 1991-1996)
Teenager wrangler

Delia Mallinick

Delia is our administrator and Dr Tanya’s personal assistant. She helps us to help you - by keeping our office running.

She brings humour and enthusiasm to our team. She is also the master chef behind our many workshop functions, keeping our brains going and energy levels high with delicious treats.

She has a lifelong experience with animals, and horses in particular. Before she joined us she staffed the reception at a few busy local vets, acting as a valuable interface between the public and the vets.


Admin Assistant in training
Avid drummer, erstwhile artist and retail therapist
Qualified dog trainer 2013 (Kennel Union of Soith Africa)

Fabian Hullen

Fabian is our administration assistant and supports Delia in her quest to rule the world - one paper clip at a time. He helps us manage the nitty gritty of our business and can be found wherever there is a pile of paper to be dealt with.

Fabian has been involved in the world of dog training for at least seven years, and qualifed as a trainer with Birch Acres Dog Training School In 2013.

He contributes a profound understanding of the relationship between an animal companion and his or her human guardian. And he helps us to run a tight yet compassionate ship.


BCompt(Accounting Science)
BA(Psychology, Linguistics)
Reiki Master 2003
Pilate's Instructor 2002

Kim Magennis

Whether is comes to numbers or words, Kim is our gal. She helps Tanya and the rest of her Team get themselves heard, and organised - not necessarily in that order. As a part-timer she brings an outside perspective and commercial guidance to our business.

She believes passionately in helping others, and what better way than to serve those who serve human guardians and their animal companions.



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