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BEFA Award Logo
Animal Health & Hydro: BEFA Award for "Most Innovative Business" 2016

On the 12 November 2016 Dr Tanya Grantham accepted the award for "Most Innovative Business" at the BEFA awards ceremony hosted in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal.

Action Coach, Geoff Fairhurst and colleague Kim Magennis joined Dr Tanya at this prestigious event to accept the award on behalf of the Animal Health and Hydro Team.

Action Coach LogoDr Tanya Grantham and Action Coach Geoffrey Fairhurst at BEFA award holding trophyImage the Animal Health and Hydro team with the Befa trophy
Animal Health & Hydro: 702 Small Business Awards Finalist 2016

Dr Tanya Grantham was nominated for the 702 Small Business Awards in August 2016. On the 30 August Dr Tanya attended the awards ceremony at Primedia Broadcasting in Sandton, where she received a Finalist Award presented by John Robbie and Xolani Gwala.

Image of Dr Tanya, 702's John Robbie and Xoliani Gwala at the 2016 SBA Awards