Following the resurgence of COVID cases and the resultant implementation of Alert Level 4 Restrictions by government here are Animal Health and Hydro’s updated COVID-19 protocols.

As Animal Health and Hydro has a responsibility to our patients, many of whom see us for pain management, our clients, the referring veterinarians, and specialists we continue with our services in so far as we are able.

Regrettably, one of our therapists did test positive for the virus. Thankfully only one additional therapist had close contact (and it seems this may not even have been during the “at risk period”), but as a precaution we will be closing Pretoria up until Monday the 05 July 2021. The therapist will undergo a test ahead of returning to work. This period should allow sufficient time for a positive result, should the therapist have been infected with the virus, albeit unlikely.

In the meantime however, Animal Health and Hydro has implemented strict COVID-19 protocols. We are fortunate to have space in which to achieve social distancing. We also have alert and caring clients that notify us the moment they think they may have been exposed. The entire AHAH team, in all three branches are extremely grateful for your concern and vigilance.

Our COVID-19 protocols are as follows: –

  1. Strict social distancing measures between team members and clients will be adhered to.
  2. Anyone entering the premises will be required to sanitise their hands. Which will also be done regularly, by team members throughout the day.
  3. Everyone entering or working in the practice will be required to wear a mask at all times.
  4. Unless absolutely necessary (as in the case of a very nervous or compromised dog), clients will be asked to please stay in their vehicle. A team member who has sanitised and is wearing a mask will collect your animal companion from your vehicle and will return your companion to you after treatment. We ask you for your support with this initiative so that we can protect you, our team and our other clients. We would like to minimise the risk of the virus entering the practice as much as we are able.
  5. We are using sanitising tablets in air diffusers which run throughout the day, in all consulting rooms. These sanitising tablets have been shown to be very effective at killing the virus on contact surfaces, greatly reducing the risk of transmission through contact surfaces.

We are making every effort to keep you and your loved ones safe, but we need your support and participation to do so and therefore ask that you assist us by complying with these safety protocols. However, if you still feel unsafe we ask that you please contact us to postpone your appointments to a later date or enquire as to whether an online consultation with home-based exercises and rehabilitation equipment hire is an option for your companion.