Welcome to Animal Health and Hydro!



Animal Health and Hydro (AHAH) is a facility registered with the South African Veterinary Council.
Our facility is Veterinary owned and managed.

Canine and Feline conditions treated at AHAH include:

- Post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation
- Spinal surgery
- Knee surgery inlcuding cranial cruciate ligament disease, TPLO rehabilitation and luxating patellas
- Total hip replacements and femur head amputations
- Limb fractures
- Elbow incongruency


Some of the other problems we can help with:


- Pain management
- Osteoarthritis including: hip and elbow dysplasia
- Stroke patients
- Obesity
- Epilepsy
- Chronic wounds and degloving injuries
- Acral lick granulomas
- Geriatrics
- Non-surgical intervertebral disc disease (Common in the Dachshund, but not restricted to this breed)
- Soft tissue injuries including muscle and tendon damage
- Cancer patients
AHAH also offers fitness training for dogs.
We can introduce young dogs and cats to water.
The facility also offers Reiki sessions for animal companions. 

Please browse this site for more information on how the different modalities can help various conditions.



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