Childhood Reminiscences

Dr Tamsin Price

August 2017

The smell of a brown leather lead, dog hair and sanitized floors takes me back to my childhood vet, Bedfordview Veterinary Hospital. Myself, and a barrage of animals, would tumble out of the car and investigate the oak-shaded, moss-covered parking lot thoroughly. Together we would enter a building, which unbeknown to me, shaped my very existence. Waiting our turn, my legs swinging gently against the wooden benches, I would carefully study the fascinating somewhat frightening, magnified image of a flea on the waiting room wall.

Managing Oestrogen in the Workplace

By Fabian Hullen

July 2017

Working in environment where you are the only male figure is a challenge in it’s own right. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked, “How do you do it?” or, I’ve been told, “Props to you to be able to work as the only man”.

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Blog from a dog

By Arnie


21 June 2017

I’m Arnie and well my Mom say I need to swim……SWIM…SWIM…you actually mean get wet? I don’t think so I’m a Bullmastiff and we don’t swim!

So mom got this lovely lady called Laverne to chat to me and she explained that swimming would be very good for me and help my elbows and my spine….so I said I would try…. READ MORE

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