Painted Horses

By Bianca Rootman

Painting the different muscle layers on a horse was a concept that I was first introduced to whilst attending my equine body worker course. The idea was that we would learn the exact location, as well as the origin and insertion points, of each individual muscle found in the superficial, middle, and deep layers of the horse. The technique turned out to be a really awesome way of knowing exactly where each muscle is by first finding it via palpation, and then secondly by having to outline and paint it. Using all the different colours also made a big difference whilst studying.

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From Commodity To Companion

The story about Lucky, the security dog.

By Dr Tamsin Price

Lucky, a comrade shot in the line of duty. Taking a bullet to protect those who hardly took note of the being amongst them. A once glorious canine, a powerful force of muscle and mane reduced to a bag of bones with instant paralysis from the chest down.

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Canine Sports Medicine

By Dr Tanya Grantham

Canine sports medicine is the new kid on the block. This branch of veterinary medicine includes orthopaedics, exercise physiology, neurology, cardiology, pulmonology and nutrition. A critical partner to canine sports medicine is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation includes conditioning, maintaining and regaining fitness.

Canine sports are becoming increasingly popular. In South Africa perhaps the most prevalent is agility but IPO, gun dog trials, tracking and herding competitions are also very popular.


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