23 May 2017

BLOG By Bianca Rootman

Learn more about the Therapists who take care of your companions at Animal Health and Hydro. Read about Bianca’s journey into Physical Rehabilitation.
Born in the year of the Horse, I have always been a passionate animal lover. Having been born into an animal loving family, my love affair with animals started from a very early age. I grew up in a household that always had dogs, and I started riding horses when I was 12 years old. I am also very passionate about wildlife, my favourite holidays are ones spent in the bush, and my favourite books to read are also on this topic. I knew that when I left school I would definitely be going into a career with animals. READ MORE

Animal Health and Hydro Vision and Mission

By Dr Tanya Grantham


Animal Health and Hydro was born in February 2009 out of a desire to offer additional healing services to our animal companions, as well as a need to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Initially, I did not even consider formalising my vision and mission. This only began a few years ago. As individuals we grow and evolve, and it is no different for my business. Read more

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